Task Force on Design & Analysis in Oral Health Research

Vision and Dedication

Impartial leader in the design and analysis of oral health clinical research.

The Task Force on Design and Analysis in Oral Health Research is a "think tank" of clinical researchers, basic scientists, biostatisticians, epidemiologists and other quantitative scientists with experience in oral health research and/or clinical trials. It is a non-profit organization that includes individuals from universities, private research centers, government, and industry. The Task Force has made numerous contributions to dental research, especially in clinical trial methodology.

The Task Force mission in achieving our vision is twofold:

• Maximize validity and efficiency of oral health clinical research by fostering and promoting the use of sound and innovative methodologies in design and analysis.
• Encourage and promote a continuous dialog, bridging quantitative and clinical issues among stakeholders in oral health research.


How was the idea born? 

The Task Force was initially formed by a small group of biostatisticians and clinical researchers who participated in a 1968 Dental caries Conference co-sponsored by the US Public Health Service (USPHS) and the American Dental Association (ADA). The goal of this conference was to establish standardized methods for conducting clinical trials to test the efficacy of products designed to prevent dental caries. In the early 1970s, the Task Force began holding semiannual one-day scientific meetings on design and analysis issues in oral health clinical studies. For over thirty years Dr. Neal Chilton, trained in both dental research and biostatistics, guided the Task Force. His vision and dedication had a seminal influence on the development of the Task Force's development into its present role as an impartial leader in the design and analysis of oral health clinical research. 

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