The Task Force on Design and Analysis in Oral Health Research has three categories of membership.

Active Members:  Active Members are elected by the Board of Directors and include oral health and biostatistical researchers who have an interest in the design and analysis of clinical studies. In order to be elected to membership, a candidate must give two presentations at Task Force meetings.  Upon completion of these presentations the candidate may be nominated for membership.  Active Members must attend at least one meeting every two years.  

Individuals interested in Active Membership should contact the Task Force Executive Director,  Dr. Sebastian G. Ciancio.

Honorary Members:  Honorary Members include previous members who wish to participate in Task Force activities.

Corporate Members (Sponsors): Corporate Members (Sponsors) are dental or oral health-related corporations (or companies) that pay an annual sponsorship fee.  Sponsors may send representatives from their company/corporation  to Task Force Scientific semi-annual meetings. The number of representatives who attend Task Force meetings depends on the number of sponsorships purchased as follows:

One sponsorship = 2 representatives are allowed to attend
Two sponsorships = 5 representatives are allowed to attend
Three sponsorships = 8 representatives are allowed to attend

Attendance at semi-annual meetings includes a reception and dinner held the evening before the scientific session.  The day of the meeting includes a continental breakfast, lunch and breaks.

Scientific meetings include 5-6 presentations on oral health research and provide an opportunity for interaction between corporate sponsors and members. Representatives of the Food and Drug Administration and the American Dental Association may attend meetings on a liaison basis.  These representatives receive no support from the Task Force.

If you are interested in becoming one of our corporate sponsors, please contact the Task Force Executive Director, Dr. Sebastian G. Ciancio.